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Turkey Cooking Game

turkey cooking game

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365-2009 330: Double-fisiting Drumsticks

365-2009 330: Double-fisiting Drumsticks

Day 330: Double-fisiting Drumsticks - Thursday, November 26, 2009
Woke up early to make my rolls. The rest of the morning and early afternoon we concentrated on getting everything ready for our 3:30 dinner. We all sat down at 4. April is our new turkey cook! everything was delish! We played games afterwards...nothing too wild! A very successful & tasty Thanksgiving holiday.



We'd already began to chow when I thought to grab my camera. Today was the first experience with cooking the wild turkey Rodney harvested last week. Decided to make fingers out of them. As expected they were a little dry given they were breast meat. A little dijon mustard and honey gave them just the right kick!

turkey cooking game

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