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wonderful world of cooking

    wonderful world
  • Wonderful World is a 2009 drama film directed and written by Joshua Goldin, who in this movie makes his directorial debut. The film stars Matthew Broderick, Sanaa Lathan, Michael K. Williams and Jodelle Ferland.

  • Wonderful World is an album by the Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwo'ole released 2007, a full decade after his death in 1997.

  • "Wonderful World" is the second single by British singer James Morrison. The song is the second to be released from his debut album, Undiscovered, which was released on July 31, 2006. The song peaked at #8 on the UK singles chart in October, following the CD single release.

    of cooking
  • (O.F.Cook) Orator Fuller Cook (1867 - 1949) was an American botanist, entomologist, and agronomist. Cook, born in Clyde, New York in 1867, graduated from Syracuse University in 1890. He worked for one year as an instructor at Syracuse.

wonderful world of cooking - Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town

Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town

You've always lived in the city...working 9 to 5 and enduring the rat race that you call life. That is until one day you came across an advertisement for a fantastic life in the country. Excited, you quit your job, packed your belongings and headed to the country for a new opportunity. However, instead of finding the 'advertised' life you wanted...you found a long neglected farm in a town full of strangers! Never one to shy away from a challenge...you roll up your sleeves, dig in and start to create the life and farm of your dreams! It is up to you to successfully rejuvenate the farm and build a life for yourself with family and friends. The best part is...you can do it anyway you want! Plant and harvest crops, raise farm animals, marry the man of your dreams and start a family...create your own pastoral adventure!

85% (6)

Sundaze: Xerochrysum bracteatum, Kruidtuin, Antwerp, Belgium

Sundaze: Xerochrysum bracteatum, Kruidtuin, Antwerp, Belgium

A sudden crack and a shudder: at about 11 PM on June 11, 1770. HMS Edeavour, commander Captain James Cook, ran onto the Great Barrier Reef just off Australia. From 1768 he'd safely managed the bark from Madeira to Rio de Janeiro, through southernmost Tierra del Fuego to New Zealand, and now atop the coral mass of the Great Reef.
The Endeavour lowered its sails and tried to anchor-pull itself off the reef but to no avail. Only at high tide did she come loose but was making water. Quickly all hands - including the now famous botanists Joseph Banks (1743-1820), Daniel Carlsson Solander (1733-1782) and Herman Diedrich Sporing (1733-1771) - manned the pumps. The Endeavour with its enormous collection of natural specimens put together during the past two years managed to stay afloat. She was moored at the Bay of Inlets, now the Endeavour River, for repairs. It was found that a piece of sharp coral the size of a man's fist had sliced through the hull and was - thankfully - wedged there. If the hole had been larger the vessel would most probably have sunk together with its rich natural collection.
Now - while she was being repaired - our intrepid naturalists set about enriching their collection. Between June 17 and August 3 they brought together a hugely variegated set of natural specimens from Eastern Australia. One of these was this Everlasting Daisy, also called a Paper Daisy or Golden Bract or just plainly Straw Flower.
It was almost immediately drawn in outline by the gifted Quaker botanical illustrator Sydney Parkinson (c.1745-1771), also a member of Banks's naturalist team. Neither Parkinson nor Sporing lived to see an enthusiastic European reception of their work. Both died at sea of dysentry on the way to Cape Town, South Africa. But their Straw Flower survived, and it was soon cultivated at Kew and disseminated throughout Europe.
Each time I look at strawflowers I remember these intrepid nature lovers who did their work in the most cramped and inconvenient of circumstances in constant fear that their collections would not survive the sea voyage. But they never lost their good humor.
This photo was taken in the Kruidtuin of Antwerp, associated with St Elisabeth's hospital as a herbal garden ever since the beginning of the nineteenth century. The day was overcast, but this Sundaze sparkled!

lotus flower - my first live view (on explore)

lotus flower - my first live view (on explore)

Nelumbo is a genus of aquatic plants with large, showy flowers resembling water lilies, commonly known as lotus. The generic name is derived from the Sinhalese word Nelum. There are two confusingly similar living species in the genus. The Sacred lotus (N. nucifera) is better known. Native to Asia, it is commonly cultivated, and also used in Chinese medicine and cooking. This species is the national flower of Egypt, India and Vietnam. The American lotus (N. lutea) is native to North America and the Caribbean. Horticultural hybrids have been produced between these two geographically separated species. A third, extinct species (Nelumbo aureavallis) is known from Eocene fossils from North Dakota, USA.

There is residual disagreement over which family the genus should be placed in. Traditional classification systems recognized Nelumbo as part of the Nymphaeaceae (water lily) family, but traditional taxonomists were likely misled by evolutionary convergences associated with an evolutionary shift from a terrestrial to an aquatic lifestyle. In the older classification systems it was recognized under the biological order Nymphaeales or Nelumbonales. Nelumbo is currently recognized as its own family, Nelumbonaceae, as one of several distinctive families in the eudicot order Proteales. Its closest living relatives, the (Proteaceae and Platanaceae), are shrubs or trees. (wikipedia)

wonderful world of cooking

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